Promoting a sense of sharing and continuous learning – eXperience Agile 2021

August 10, 2021
Promoting a sense of sharing and continuous learning – eXperience Agile 2021
Celfocus is a proud sponsor of eXperience Agile, which will take place between September 25th and 29th.


As part of the road to becoming a learning organisation, Celfocus will attend eXperience Agile 2021 as a Diamond Sponsor, aiming to share and hear testimonials regarding key challenges and success factors of Agile, human and cultural factors that impact teamwork, along with successful approaches that leverage Agile methods, frameworks and tools.

eXperience Agile is a 5-day event focused on sharing the latest Agile practices and strategies, creating exciting networking opportunities, and bringing some of the most well-known speakers and Agile thought leaders from around the globe.

“High-performing organisations have come to see agile as a strategic «enabler» of their business, thus becoming the mainstream of corporate management and a preferred way of work that makes people happy and successful.”, states Pedro Nogueira, Head of Agile & DevOps Enablement at Celfocus.

Yet, many organisations cling onto legacy mindsets and behaviours that inhibit opportunities to improve, innovate and inspire their people. eXperience Agile brings us knowledge and experiences that could help organisations break these challenges and unblock potential and growth.”, Pedro adds.

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