Getting new insights from Digital TV Experience
Digital TV Experience
January 30, 20193 min read

Getting new insights from Digital TV Experience

A platform aimed at providing advanced reporting to content providers and OpCos, flexible enough to cater to the needs of different stakeholders and implementations and across diverse geographies.

Remember the good old days when the entire family would get together around a huge black box to watch their favorite shows? Those days are long gone and the TV experience has significantly changed. Customers today not only watch TV through a myriad of devices but also have access to exponential content, which drive them to be more demanding over usability, flexibility and customization and force TV providers to start using sophisticated recommendation and prediction engines to power their user experience.

This combination of a more differentiated video consumption creates a new layer of complexity but also represents an extraordinary opportunity for CSPs. Insights resulting from analyzing usage and behavioral data allow them to truly understand the customer experience and which content works best for each segment.

The Challenge

TV has become a core offer for CSPs across the globe and, with the commoditization of voice services, it represents an important anchor in a quad offer. Aware of its potential and of the fact that many of its OpCos have already launched a TV offering and are leaders in their countries, the Vodafone Group wanted to take a step further and provide unique insights to the different OpCos, leveraging technical and behavioural data across geographies and deliver meaningful knowledge on Vodafone TV to its stakeholders: management, marketing, operations and IT.
These insights could then be used to enhance customer experience, plan the platform expansion and ultimately measure the quality of service. Additionally, Vodafone needed to comply with content providers’ reporting requirements, making the need for a centralized analytics tool critical in the VTV ecosystem.

By combining an experienced and skilled team proficient both in TV and Analytics, with deep in-house knowledge on Vodafone TV’s analytics infrastructure, Celfocus has been a strategic partner to develop, deploy and deliver VTV components and end-to-end solutions in a fast, reliable and scalable fashion.

The Solution

The Vodafone TV Analytics platform aims to present advanced reporting both to content providers and OpCos. This cloud-based TV centric solution provides pre-built and custom dashboards and is pre-integrated with the Group’s TV platform so that when a new OpCo is onboarded on the platform a rich plethora of reports is available and ready to use.

High-level representation of the Vodafone TV Analytics platform architecture

After being collected, filtered, normalized and pre-calculated, technical and behavioural data is ready to be consumed internally by the operator’s different areas and externally by partners through a set of well-established interfaces. Considering that each OpCo has specific needs, a level of customization was necessary to ensure flexibility for specific KPIs and report needs.

Project in a nutshell

  • Over 100 KPIs pre-calculated and available for analysis;
  • 5 OpCos already Live!;
  • More than a million registered households;
  • Max. capacity of 600 Gb daily ingested data on the Analytics platform;
  • Project solutions: AWS, Splunk and Cloudera;
  • Domains covered: Digital TV, Analytics, Big & Fast Data, SaaS and Cloud Hosting.


Vodafone Group and the different OpCos now have a solution that enables them to comply with content providers’ reporting requirements in a flexible, reliable and accurate manner. By controlling the entire data chain from the data collection process, which comprises different sources such as set-top-boxes and mobile devices, raw behavioural data from local operators, including TV guide, subscriptions and video-on-demand, all stakeholders have greater trust on the information being provided.

The pre-defined reports allow the establishment of a comparison baseline among the different OpCos, enabling synergies, sharing experiences and planning the future. Looking ahead, by increasing and enriching existing data sources, the solution will be able to provide better insights to all stakeholders. New reporting needs will emerge, making this a powerful platform that aggregates all knowledge on Digital TV within the Vodafone world.

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