Delivering diversity with CELFOCUS Order Management
July 29, 20222 min read

Delivering diversity with CELFOCUS Order Management

Orchestrating all requests on a single platform, CELFOCUS Order Management provides Safaricom with a flexible, swift and transparent order management process that reduces time-to-market.

Technological advances and changing customer needs have dramatically changed how customers interact with companies. Today, customers use multiple sources of information from independent (and often non-integrated) channels and are motivated by personal needs and emotions.

Going Digital to Manage an Order Lifecycle

For Telcos (and other industry players), this leads to increased offer complexity due to a broadened view of products and services. It also results in many and different requests that have to be fulfilled within an expected timeframe which tends to be tight – plus the demand for a seamless experience throughout the buying process.

As a result, Telcos are under pressure to shorten the response time to market needs and streamline the fulfillment chain from an operational perspective because those multiple requests need to be consistently addressed and quickly go live. Therefore, the need arises to adopt an integrated, holistic view on multiple interaction channels through which customers experience value, requiring a robust and effective order management orchestrator.

The Challenge

About Safaricom

The Kenyan Telecommunications Market has a mobile penetration above 130% and almost 62 million subscriptions resulting from steady quarter-on-quarter growth. Safaricom is the undisputed leader in the market, holding 65% of the mobile share. Safaricom detains the most expansive and strongest network coverage, providing a comprehensive range of innovative services under one roof: mobile, fixed-voice and data services on a variety of platforms.

How to improve scalability and performance?

After more than a decade of using previous versions of the product, Safaricom felt the need to call for an extended product availability offered by the latest version to cater to a large flow of requests that require highly demanding order processing.

Safaricom, committed to operational efficiency, additionally aimed to improve process orchestration and automation scalability and performance, turning days-long activations into on-the-fly experiences.

The Kenyan Telco was looking for cutting-edge technologies based on new architectures that would allow tracking and increasing order visibility, acquire service metrics to improve customer experience, and automatically scale solutions without impacting performance. 

A long-standing order management delivery: Celfocus was challenged to implement the first version of its Order Management solution back in 2009, update it as needed and install the latest version in 2021.


According to Kennedy Njoroge, Enterprise Integration, Order Management & Contact Center Systems Senior Manager at Safaricom, “with CELFOCUS Order Management, we meet our 99,95% target for order management availability and increased scalability for our consumer and enterprise customers.”

CELFOCUS Order Management allows for a flexible, swift and transparent order management process that reduces time-to-market. New product subscriptions or change requests are performed quickly and with minimal impact. For the user, this process can be run autonomously for administration, installation and product development tasks. CELFOCUS Order Management also gathers the conditions for adapting to new scenarios based on changes in the business environment and consumer behaviour.

Safaricom’s internal teams are capable of evolving and embracing new challenges. In short, both the Telco and the product are future-ready.

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