Call to the Cloud
Call to the Cloud
March 2, 20202 min read

Call to the Cloud

A differentiated UC solution that provides more than Voice and seamlessly integrates all interactions regardless of the device or location, supporting low initial costs and reduced TCO in line with a cloud-based architecture.

In a fast-paced and efficiency-driven business environment, a traditional Voice-only offer does not fully address customers’ communication needs in a variety of scenarios, such as multiple offices, a mobile workforce, field employees, remote workers and customer engagement interactions.

Consequently, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) must provide customers with a solution that covers all forms of mobile and fixed, web voice and video communication under the same unified umbrella, ensuring excellent levels of efficiency and productivity.

The Challenge

Driven by high standards of innovation and customer excellence, Vodafone Business UK saw the opportunity to provide a converged and cost-effective communication solution for the Enterprise segment that would take advantage of the benefits of Unified Communications delivered in the Cloud.

Further expanding its capabilities beyond mobile, Vodafone Business UK took the bold step to lead the Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) story in the Cloud, keen on introducing a unified communication solution that would leave the wave of costly on-premises solutions behind by introducing greater flexibility and dismissing initial setup fees.

The Solution

Vodafone Business UK selected Celfocus as a strategic partner to build, launch, continuously support and evolve the solution. Having FMC as the backbone, One Net was launched in September 2009 and the solution has been walking a path of evolution, enhanced by embracing the Agile delivery model over a year ago.

One Net Business is a cloud-based innovative communications solution that fully integrates landlines, mobiles and communication apps for smartphones and PCs, providing users with a truly seamless experience across all devices.

Figure 1 – Project Architecture

Project in a nutshell

  • 300+ thousand subscribers;
  • Advanced Cloud PBX functionalities;
  • Fixed and Mobile Convergence and integration;
  • Evolving cloud-based unified communication solution;
  • Project solutions: One Net Core, Call Centre add-on.


Over time, and as a result of the ability to adapt to market evolution and customers’ expectations, One Net has achieved a good level of maturity with increased stability and reliability. Due to its core and add-on features, which widely cover UC needs, along with its scalability and the seamless integrated experience it provides across devices, interfaces and locations, the solution is best-fitted to the Enterprise segment.

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