FST Lisbon launches a new prototype with the official support of Celfocus

June 28, 2022
FST Lisbon launches a new prototype with the official support of Celfocus
The FST11 is the IST team’s first vehicle with autonomous and non-autonomous capabilities.


The Formula Student Lisbon team of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) unveiled its new competition car today, the FST11. After 11 years with the official support of Novabase, the project’s main sponsor is now the Novabase Group company Celfocus.

The FST11 is the team’s eighth electric prototype and FST Lisbon’s second prototype with autonomous capabilities. Developed over one year, it can reach a maximum speed of 130 km/h with four AC electric engines and an electronic differential. It also has a battery comprised of LiCoO2 (lithium-cobalt) cells and a total capacity of 7.6 kWh, protected by a housing made of composite materials.

This vehicle will represent Instituto Superior Técnico in the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria, from 23 to 28 July, and in Formula Student Germany, the world’s biggest competition, in the Hockenheim Circuit, from 15 to 21 August. Finally, the team will move on to the Castellolí Circuit, in Spain, from 29 August to 4 September, wrapping up the season with Formula Student Spain.

According to Pedro Oliveira, Team Leader of FST Lisbon, “The FST11 was one of the biggest challenges the project ever faced“. The vehicle will combine the high performance of its predecessors, while also being self-driving, a feature introduced to the project in 2020 with the FST10d. According to the project leader, “the main goal was to achieve a perfect balance between the two driving methods, to leverage the prototype’s maximum performance at all times“.

Novabase and Celfocus CEO Luís Paulo Salvado says that “It has been gratifying to see how this project has unfolded over the years, combining advanced technologies, innovation, and talent – the same ingredients behind the success of our companies. Once again, the team has surprised us with its ability to adapt to new mobility challenges. We believe its performance will be noteworthy at the most important competitions in the worldwide Formula Student ranking.”

FST Lisbon is comprised of 54 students from six different courses. The team was created in 2001 with the development of its first prototype and now has 11 finished models.

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