Celfocus is “Making Data Actionable”

January 31, 2024
Celfocus is “Making Data Actionable”
‍Celfocus reveals its new positioning, "Making Data Actionable”, alongside a revamped website for enhanced customer experience.


With over 20 years of experience, Celfocus is dedicated to helping customers on their innovation journey, providing professional services that focus on creating business value through cutting-edge Analytics and Cognitive solutions.

The essence of Celfocus's commitment to innovation and empowerment is encapsulated in its new positioning, “Making Data Actionable”, highlighting the crucial role data plays in today's dynamic business environment. Recognising that data is no longer just information but a powerful catalyst for transformation and growth, Celfocus aims to empower businesses with the tools and expertise needed to extract maximum value from their data.

As part of this strategic positioning, Celfocus also introduced a revamped website, designed to better showcase the company’s capabilities to both existing customers and new targets. The website features a new design that prioritises seamless and easy navigation, reflecting Celfocus's commitment to evolving alongside the ever-changing technological landscape.

Join Celfocus on its journey of making data truly actionable, driving innovation, and empowering businesses for a successful future. Explore our solutions, dive into insightful articles, the latest news, and success stories at  

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