Celebrating our 20th Anniversary. Celebrating 20s

November 25, 2020
Celebrating our 20th Anniversary. Celebrating 20s
Celebrating together, virtually.


Celebrations tell stories: stories of successes, challenges, experiences and teams that build something worth remembering.

Our story, as Celfocus, is a combination of several chapters that have successfully led the past 20 years and created the steppingstones for the next 20.

To celebrate this story, we designed 20 virtual experiences during a three-week timespan! Colleagues were invited to grab a seat, any seat. A virtual seat that would lead them to stories that celebrate the past, the present and the future.

Using only internal tools, these experiences brought technological, visual and architectural history, cultural lessons and photographs to all. Experiences that were then shared and discussed at informal virtual coffee break moments happening on a daily basis. And like all celebrations, of course we toasted! A toast that was delivered to 1300 homes. A toast that was so much more than a wine box. A wine box with a second life.



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