Building a learning organisation

November 27, 2019
Building a learning organisation
November was marked by Celfocus’ Agility Day, an all-day event dedicated to Agile & DevOps.


The first edition, hosted at Celfocus’ offices in Porto and Lisbon on November 6th, aimed at promoting knowledge sharing from different perspectives and technological approaches regarding Agile & DevOps.

Ranging from Technical Excellence to Value-Centric topics such as reflecting on how to create, identify and measure value, Celfocus’ internal speakers based their presentations on personal experiences in projects and other initiatives performed on the field, as well as internal case-studies in different business and technical contexts, cultures and geographies.

Around 250 colleagues attended this moment of internal knowledge sharing, believed to be the path to building a learning organisation by illustrating self-organisation, interactions, adaptation to change, and decisions taking.

“This day was proof of the agility Celfocus is currently living and, while understanding that this transformation is a work-in-progress, we believe we are on the right track”, states Pedro Nogueira, Agile & DevOps Lead at Celfocus.

“Today we are proud to share our own stories, built by our teams, but also to acknowledge our flaws and learn to improve. The path to building a learning organisation is long, but we feel that our people are motivated and interested in this kind of initiatives”, Pedro adds.

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