Being a Celfie

February 1, 2022
Being a Celfie
What it means to be Celfocus


In 2022, we’re making it official: as we enter a new year full of possibilities and challenges ahead, we’ve decided to create and share a new concept that describes and involves Celfocus’ community, our CELFIES.

But what are Celfies?

Celfies are all of us working daily to make progress in the technological landscape at Celfocus. Celfies are unique individuals working collaboratively under the same “roof”. A roof that values and promotes individuality in everyday actions and where being yourself first is a priority. This means we are diverse in gender, sexual orientation, cultures, approaches, expertise, backgrounds, profiles, and points of view.

For Celfocus, this is something to be proud of and celebrate. Accepting, respecting, and living this individuality in a workplace that allows you to unleash your full potential.

Although our colleagues may all be different, they also hold a lot in common.

When we come together, we are passionate about what we do and how we can make the best of technology as an enabler of change for our clients and in society.

We value collaborative thinking and doing by joining our individual strengths, skills, and experience in everything we do to get things done. Celfies are creative in generating solutions that make an impact on real-world challenges. We’re adaptable to changes that come our way from the different sectors, regions, and technologies we work with.

Finally, Celfies are curious about what the future holds and how we can be an influencing part of it. Being a Celfie means all of this and so much more. Being a Celfie means working within Celfocus but, most of all, doing it while being yourCelf.

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