Acting with a purpose

February 22, 2022
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Acting with a purpose
Acting with a purpose is Celfocus’s mantra for the social responsibility program, which is based on a willingness to use our resources to promote equal opportunities and benefit those in need.


In this context, we recently launched “What matters to you” a volunteering day that allows our people to dedicate a working day to help an institution of their choice.

We are aware that volunteering needs do not just happen at night or on weekends and, therefore, working days are a differentiator for the institutions we support. As an organisation, Celfocus has created the necessary space – by providing one day per person and sharing several suggestions of organisations in need of help. It is then important for individual action in finding the time and causes that reflect the priorities, beliefs, and wishes of each.

Throughout the year, those who work with us are invited to identify a cause that moves them, find an institution that works in that segment and manage, according to their responsibilities, the day/hours they will use to volunteer and make a difference.

In 2021, after the creation of this initiative, we had over 90 hours registered in volunteer actions. We were also involved in the donation of technological equipment and collection/ donation of food and other essential goods, having collaborated with 8 institutions from different causes (social support for adults and children, technological literacy, and animal shelter).

Volunteering Day has proven to be a great way to give relevance to the voice of those who work with us and delegate responsibility to our people. We are sure that this program will keep growing in 2022, with more employees involved and different causes being proposed.

Read below some of our internal testimonials about this program.

What our People say

|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:Angela De Dominicis|Position:Project Assistant|Company:Celfocus---|I feel very grateful and privileged to have this opportunity in my professional field. I believe that companies that implement sustainable and inclusive models can strengthen the commitment, motivation, and fulfillment of their people. It is also an occasion to foster closer relationships between colleagues and reinforce collaboration. The mutual help between all the volunteers was very significant!”

|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:Homilzio Santos|Position:Senior Software Engineer|Company:Celfocus---|I can’t do much alone, but I believe it’s important to start somewhere, and I’m sure more people willing to help will join my fight. The opportunity I had to spend a day with the people in need, of being able to observe carefully, led me to move forward with the intention that I had for some time, to create an institution for social responsibility and fundraising to combat poverty and social inequality in Sao Tome and Principe, with a focus on the neighbourhood where I live.”

|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:Michael Fernandes|Position:Software Engineer|Company:Celfocus---|This matter has always been important to me, and even more so right now, given this period in which we live in a pandemic context, with a considerable increase in the number of people in need. Having a day dedicated to supporting social causes, in which the company allows you to choose an institution, is really gratifying. In addition to being able to help those who need it most, the company is playing a fundamental role in raising awareness of its people and in supporting the needs of the society we are part of. At a time like this, doing so creates a unique feeling of well-being and a sense of contribution to humanity.”

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