Celfocus rewards ISEP Informatic Engineering Students

April 11, 2023
Celfocus rewards ISEP Informatic Engineering Students
Celfocus participated in ISEP’s “Best Student Award” initiative, which recognised the three best students.


Celfocus was part of the “Best Student Award”, an initiative promoted by Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto – ISEP, to recognise the students with the highest marks for the 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 academic years.
|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:Patrícia Sousa|Position:Talent Acquisition Director|Company:Celfocus---|
We believe in the talent of Portuguese engineers and we are investing in creating a close relationship with institutions where the best talents are grown. Our collaboration with ISEP helps us to increase the student’s awareness and knowledge around the latest technology trends as well as bringing talent to our team!”
|---Module:testimony|Size:small|Name:Joaquim Santos|Position:Director of the Department of Informatics Engineering|Company: ISEP---|
The secret of success lies in constant work and cooperation. DEI_ISEP and Celfocus embody this statement every day with a partnership of many years.”
|---Module:text|Size:small---|At the event, Celfocus proudly rewarded the three top students. See the photo gallery below.

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