Celfocus Days: AI for testing… What to expect?

September 2, 2022
Celfocus Days: AI for testing… What to expect?
Join us on the next Tester’s Day, on September 9th, for a digital event that brings Quality, Testing, AI and innovation to the centre stage and stay up to date!


Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and is changing the technological landscape for business and industries at large, becoming increasingly valuable and with a growing number of practical applications, including machine learning for testing and quality purposes.

The application of AI for software testing is not new, but it certainly raises questions mostly related to the right approach, steps, integration in the testing lifecycle, and automated testing optimisation. Nonetheless, in the past 4 years, much has changed – new AI-based testing tools, certifications, know-how, and new players in the arena.

Celfocus Days bring together the latest technological innovations and, for this casual event, welcomes all Quality enthusiasts to join and connect to discuss what industry leaders and innovation key players are looking up to.

This world Tester’s Day – celebrated on 9th September – we welcome two industry players to take the stage of our recurring Celfocus Quality Meetups for a casual talk to discuss AI for testing.

Johan Steyn, a global speaker and one of the top 50 global thought leaders for Artificial Intelligence, and Tariq King, currently leading the research and development of a core platform for AI-driven testing and with a worldwide experience in the software industry will join us to reveal the future and challenges of AI for testing.



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