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Celfocus Top-down IT Transformation White Paper

IT Transformation projects have been considered the source of all evils in the corporate world.

Often, they represent multi-year projects, with millions of euros in budget, high-risk of failure and, many times, dodgy benefits and business blockages. Everyone knows a story about a botched or over-budget project or one that jeopardises the same business benefits that it was supposed to deliver.

Nevertheless, these type of projects take place because organizations consider them critical to continue evolving and adapting to a very changing environment and dynamic ecosystem. If we continue to apply the same recipe, based on a bottom-up approach, then the results will be similar but what if there was another way?

Key Takeaways

  • Drivers and benefits to IT Transformation
  • Understand different approaches to IT Transformation
  • Proposed roadmap for a top-down IT Transformation project

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