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To reach meaningful experiences we’ve pinpointed the obstacles and learned to remove them.
Ultimately, we reduce the risk of failing to solve Telecom operators’ most difficult IT problems.

  • Digital Transformation

    Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have to deal with the paradox of the world becoming more digital and connected. At the same time, their prevalence is starting to be challenged.

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  • Fixed-Mobile Convergence

    CSPs have come a long way since being just providers of fixed voice communications. Mobile became king, followed by internet and today Digital TV; leading to full convergent offers.

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  • Digital TV

    For years, technology and TV went hand in hand. However, it seems like that is no longer the case. From black & white, to colour, 4K and from network to cable, technology has always acted as an enabler for TV´s continuous growth.

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  • One Net - Mobile Office

    Many enterprises have to deal with the annoyance of managing multiple suppliers to cover their communication needs.

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  • OSS Offer

    OSS is the insurance policy CSPs do not want to use and, for that to happen, the real work is done by anticipating and mitigating events, ensuring quality service without disruption.

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  • Digital Employee Portal

    Digital has redefined how companies conduct business and customer engagement. It opened up opportunities and new requirements that affected industries across the board.

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  • Analytics

    A roadmap for CSPs that want to evolve from a more traditional BI approach to embrace and reap the benefits offered by Big Data.

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