Accelerating Software Testing Automation

Testing as a Service

A subscription-based managed service for end-to-end testing using automation that combines methodology, tools and experience. Celfocus Automated Testing Framework is used to provide the automation capabilities.

As we move towards a knowledge-based society, and digital becomes ubiquitous in our everyday lives, the need to have quality software to drive progress and continuous growth emerges. The interconnection between systems, and the complexity and sophistication needed to address so many challenges, requires an holistic and reliable Quality Assurance practice to test solutions in an integrated perspective.

When customers interact with a front-end application (an e-commerce site, e-banking app or a customer service system) they expect the service to fulfil their requirements and work properly. There is an expectation of high-quality, and it’s up to the company to ensure the experience meets that same expectation as it is fundamental for long-lasting business relations with those customers.

An integrated testing approach that looks at the customer experience and can accommodate the different components’ diverse nature is required and the impact is evident. Test automation deals with underlying project complexity, shortens the delivery cycles, covers the end-to-end process and is more cost-efficient and effective.

While the adoption of Agile and DevOps practices increases, automation in software testing is key to improving solutions’ time-to-market advantage, drive increased efficiency, and support customer needs and market dynamics. However, companies sometimes lack the time and resources to embark on the automated testing journey, build a robust and effective infrastructure and reap the benefits it delivers.

Celfocus Testing as a Service

As the market becomes more competitive and the sophistication degree of software products increases, companies are forced to deal with advanced and complex technology in shorter release cycles, while bearing surging costs, security concerns and software sourcing variability without neglecting quality and functionality.

As a result, testing has become a challenging and thorough function to be performed in-house. Moreover, nowadays, test automation is a cornerstone for any Quality Assurance strategy. Agile, DevOps, CI/CD and Continuous Testing deeply rely on test automation and regression tests to mitigate the risks of the changes being introduced in the software according to customer feedback.

Testing as a Service (TaaS) models deliver companies the required flexibility to reduce costs and gain greater and more consistent value by integrating software testing services, the associated testing tools and the necessary test automation infrastructure.

As a result, organisations become better equipped to mitigate quality issues more effectively.

Celfocus Testing as a Service

Is a viable testing model in the Agile development and DevOps approaches, supporting organisations in achieving their business goals and innovation with the desired speed, decreased risk, reduced testing costs and improved service for their IT requirements.

Celfocus TaaS is a subscription-based managed service for end-to-end testing using automation. This service is a combination of methodology, tools and experience and uses Celfocus Automated Testing Framework to provide automation capabilities. It’s a turn-key service to create, maintain and execute a set of automated test cases, including test automation tools and infrastructure.

Building Blocks

This service delivers broader testing coverage, performing tests in multiple browsers, devices and versions to prevent defects from reaching acceptance phases and production environments. Additionally, it aims to reduce test execution duration, as testing consumes most of the effort in daily Quality Assurance activities.

Solution cornerstones:

Building an automated testing infrastructure, framed into three major stages of a testing activity – Definition of Ready, Execution & Definition of Done.

Ensuring service management by using a combination of proprietary and best-of-breed tools - tracking of service requests & periodical meetings (status reports, backlog, most relevant occurrences, issues, risks, and service KPIs).

Independent and experienced team, ensuring that the delivered software fulfils its requirements and provide delivery teams with on-time, accurate and useful quality related risk management information.


Celfocus TaaS enables companies to accelerate their automated testing journey by facilitating the right tools and frameworks, leveraged on extensive experience to create an effective automation infrastructure. Moreover, Celfocus TaaS delivers the following benefits:

  • Holistic view;
  • Broader test coverage;
  • Improved Scalability;
  • Higher frequency;
  • Reduction of test execution times;
  • Cost efficiency & effectiveness;
  • Support companies’ IT departments;
  • Increased time-to-market;
  • Freeing business users to focus on creating value.