Technology Killed the TV Experience as we know it

Digital TV

For years, technology and TV went hand in hand. However, it seems like that is no longer the case. From black & white, to colour, 4K and from network to cable, technology has always acted as an enabler for TV´s continuous growth.

What has changed?

The TV ecosystem has traditionally been very contained and controlled. However, the technology that was once a driving force, now provides users with an abundancy of options by using a myriad of devices and new players disrupting how the content is consumed and altering the value chain balance in favour of the latter.

CSPs’ challenges with Digital TV

Digital opened up the TV ecosystem, took away the control and transformed the business model to become more fluid, interdependent and competitive, with the emergence of players that until recently were unable to play a central role in this domain.

Celfocus Digital TV Platform: Created to Evolve

The next generation TV experience has arrived and it is all about WHAT customers want to watch, WHEN they watch it and WHERE they watch it.

Celfocus has the experience and a record of accomplishments in helping CSPs support their strategy by providing comprehensive and holistic offers, by delivering turnkey projects, agnostic to vendor-specific technologies, based on a core set of already developed enablers that allow CSPs to quickly create a DTV offer or extend and improve their existing one.

Celfocus Digital TV Platform was built using state-of-the-art technologies. We are able to provide the best consumer experience and flexibility out of a video delivery solution.


What does it mean
for CSPs?

Telco Operator

  • reduces the network footprint
  • Optimized and flexible CAPEX/OPEX models
  • Low latency on the interaction between devices and backends
  • Easy integration with Telco's legacy systems
  • 'As a service' consumption model
  • Customizable and flexible modular Digital TV Platform

Providing customers
an unrivaled TV experience

Customers / Users

  • Innovative features
    (e.g., unconventional zapping)
  • Seamless experience across devices
  • User Interface is able to 'shield' users from several communication failures
  • Similar user experience to best TV apps on market (e.g., Netflix)