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What We Do Differently

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The combination of deep business and technical knowledge, a focused team of experts and the ability
to leverage past experiences is key to achieving success in project delivery, like Celfocus has.

Explore how diverse approaches fit in with Celfocus Delivery Framework and the differences
between the alternative delivery methods - from waterfall to Agile and DevOps.

  • Design Methodology

    Digital revolution has shifted the power from organisations to customers, which now have much tighter control over the experience.

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  • Low Code

    A reduced manual programming process enables more focus on innovative and complex technology that takes business a step further.

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  • Data Migration

    Data migration is a critical success factor in any project, regardless of size or complexity.

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  • Test Automation

    A Test Automation approach improves the overall quality of software development while synchronising tools, people and processes, and reducing testing costs.

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  • Operational Readiness

    Matching the business needs with a streamlined transition from project to operations, providing a “seal of approval” for all systems.

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