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The ability to execute changes in a complex IT architecture, assure high quality standards and solution sustainability, is what any Client demands when launching new products and services.

Celfocus Delivery Framework

To respond to the most demanding and fast-paced projects, Celfocus uses a proprietary Delivery Framework, allowing to address dynamic and demanding business requirements with a 100% success rate.

This framework consists of a set of processes, assets, and reusable components laid out to respond to project failure risk and to accelerate developments and it is ISO9001:2015 certified.

To determine the most suitable delivery methodology for each context, Celfocus focuses on understanding the nature of the customer and the challenge to be tackled.

Celfocus Delivery Framework.png



The Waterfall Solution Framework is Celfocus’s certified methodology for delivering Waterfall projects and professional services.


Waterfall delivery framework is better to plan and commit full fledge and comprehensive IT transformations, launching new or green-field services, deep technology shifts or the introduction of new platforms and solutions – integrating new partners or merging different businesses.



Celfocus Agility Flow is Celfocus’s certified methodology for delivering Agile products, projects, and services. It maximises business value by empowering teams with greater flexibility on requirement introduction and prioritisation while providing quick and incremental system functionalities.

The Agile methodology enables fast value delivery, with higher quality and predictability, and a greater ability to respond to change.


This value-driven mindset of continuously listening and understanding customers' needs uncovers the potential value to be captured, by creating benefits that will change customers’ behaviours and maximise return on investment.



The DevOps Ecosystem Approach seeks to consolidate application development and deployment into a more streamlined process, shifting some of the operation team’s responsibilities back to the Development team to facilitate continuous development, integration, delivery and monitoring processes.


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