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Make it Happen

The ability to execute changes in a complex IT architecture, assure high quality standards and solution sustainability, is what any Telco demands when launching new products and services.

Project Management
suited for Telcos

Celfocus’ Project Management methodology uses our proprietary “Telco Delivery Framework”, which was designed to respond to the most demanding and fast-paced projects.

This framework consists of a set of processes, assets and reusable components laid out to respond to project failure risk and accelerate developments – allowing Celfocus to address a very dynamic and demanding business with a 100% success rate.

Our methodology has three main phases:

  • Initiating and Planning: assuring a solid setup to define roles and responsibilities – guaranteeing stakeholder management and formalizing a detailed project management plan to assure project success.
  • Executing and Monitoring: addressing telco demanding needs, where solutions must deliver high performance, secure environments, solid quality and end-customer delight.
  • Closing: turning clear for all stakeholders that objectives were accomplished under a stable solution.

Near Shore Approach

Telco Delivery Framework

Celfocus’ Near Shore Approach is how we keep risk low and knowledge highly available, enabling more complete and cost-effective solutions to customers. Each project takes advantage of accessibility to an expert team.

Below is a list of benefits of Celfocus’ Telco Delivery Framework near shore approach:

  • Customer in control – Governance model allowing customer to manage the project
  • On-site presence – Key project team elements consistently on-site
  • Manage expectations – Setup, Analysis and Solution walkthroughs performed on-site
  • Communication – a dedicated and consistent customer relationship
  • Efficiency – Productivity maximization through on-site activities
  • Dedicated resources – On-site and near-shore resources allocated to a single project
  • Knowledge transfer – Continuous involvement with the customer throughout the project.

Quality Assurance:
avoid failure and correct fast

Celfocus’ Quality Assurance acts as a gatekeeper to ensure the delivery of high quality and robust solutions, with high business impact, visibility and time-to-market.

In a complex IT architecture, Quality Assurance procedures are key to identify end-to-end impacts and dependencies, involving all systems and providers.

An effective Quality Assurance service is based on:

  • Confidence: acting as an independent and unbiased role
  • Solution’s assurance: focused on solution compliance and quality
  • Optimization: better identify and test possible failures, due a strong functional and technical expertise in Telco.

Quality Assurance Services

  • Test Management Office: assure all testing activities management, whether they are delivered by our teams or external providers.
  • Testing and QA Consulting: assess our customers’ testing and QA practices and define the appropriate methodologies and processes.
  • Functional Testing: deliver functional testing both Waterfall and Agile delivery models. Those tests address evolution and regression testing.
  • Acceptance Test Support: support all activities to enable Business Acceptance, like Training, Testing Tools Configuration, Test data generation and others.
  • Test Automation: Celfocus proprietary automation framework enables us to address CRM, Web solutions and API automation.
  • Performance Testing: framework and tools enabling to deliver performance, stress, load and volume testing to guarantee solutions’ reliability and robustness
  • Other Non-functional Testing: including Reliability, Usability, Compatibility, Security, Portability and Recovery.

Managed Services:
the business beyond
transformation projects

Celfocus’ Managed Services provides specialized Application Maintenance, Operations and Development Services, combining efficiency, operational agility and added value to the service delivered.

We continuously improve methods, providing the ability to make decisions quickly and accurately, based on real time information. Our extensive knowledge on core competences helps identify innovative solutions, guaranteeing systems’ management and performance, as well as all the stages of the applications’ lifecycle. Due to our clients’ differences and specific needs, we have developed customized tools to improve KPIs and achieve business goals.

Customer Benefits

  • Expertise on Core Telecom’s technological areas, mainly in BSS, OSS, NGIN and IPTV domains.
  • Continuous Delivery of our Customer’s demand on Application Development Services, providing an Integrated Service vision, with real time KPIs, reinforcing service transparency.
  • Our proven delivery methodologies, guaranteeing End-to-End Management with clear Communication and Governance processes.

Application Maintenance

Celfocus’ Application Maintenance competence is responsible for ensuring the centralized and end-to-end management and resolution of all faults and requests, guaranteeing service availability, optimal performance and efficiency of the systems and applications.

Application Development

Celfocus’ Application Development competence is responsible for the delivery of new requirements through all stages of the application lifecycle, enhancing the systems’ usability.