Roadmap to offering a quad-play service

Fixed-Mobile Convergence

CSPs have come a long way since being just providers of fixed voice communications. Mobile became king, followed by the internet and today Digital TV; leading to full convergent offers.

Each wave of innovation brings new opportunities and challenges, leading CSPs into a journey of transformation to capture the benefits of new business models and mitigating risk from an overwhelming competitive environment.

Connectivity can assume different shapes and forms, but CSPs are the only ones capable of offering customers a unified communication experience.

Business Drivers supporting
Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC)

  • The decline of more traditional services such as voice
  • The need to fight commoditization
  • The emergence of Over-The-Top players

Celfocus Customer Centric
IT Architecture

CSPs in the process of considering or deploying an FMC transformation projects are required to look at their OSS/BSS architecture from a holistic perspective, considering the building blocks critical to both mobile and fixed application stacks, which to be shared and which applications to be introduced in the overall architecture.

Fixed-Mobile Convergent Benefits

The advantages of delivering convergent offers, clearly offsets the cost of maintaining a siloed legacy IT architecture. It has an impact on both the revenue stream and on cost reduction