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Digital has redefined how companies conduct business and customer engagement. It opened up opportunities and new requirements that affected industries across the board.

Driving Change with Digitalization

The enterprise offer is, by nature, heterogeneous, resulting in the need of tailored solutions per customer. Managing the personal and corporate persona as two independent entities is not only inefficient but also represents a lost opportunity to consolidate services. The lack of a 360º customer view leads to incomplete, broken and disjoined customer journeys.

Transforming businesses to become more agile, connected to their employees and closer to customers is what CSPs across the globe are committed to. Although, it is a big undertake, Celfocus has the experience, expertise and solutions to help and support this vision.

Catering to the Digital User

What if:

  • CSPs could know who enterprise end-users are and target them with tailored offers?
  • Enterprise end-users could subscribe any desired add-on to their professional device and pay for it in their personal billing account?
  • Enterprise customers could give their employees the chance to have a better smartphone?

The once well-defined frontiers between professional and personal worlds are fast dissolving. Having connectivity 24/7 creates a new reality. If a corporate customer’s phone breaks on a Friday evening, waiting until Monday to talk to the corporate service manager is not an option.

For service managers, responsible for managing the corporate account, the workload is very significant, not only because, most of the time, they don’t have the right tools to support them but also because of the existing restrictions for several types of operations.

The lack of autonomy in managing specific services by employees, puts pressure on service managers and the lack of process automation, hinders the quality of the service provided. In organisations with a significant mobile workforce, this can represent deals not closed and revenue lost.


Celfocus Digital Employee Portal

Dissolving Personal and Professional Borders

A full–fledged self-service portal, aimed at digitalizing and streamlining the on-boarding and management of corporate accounts and assisting employees in managing their bundles.

Celfocus Digital Employee Portal solution is divided in 3 main functional building blocks:

  • EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT - ability to manage a corporate contract through a dedicated portal. Access to products and services contracted, usage monitoring, subscription and configuration of personal account.
  • CORPORATE STORE - to cover both professional and personal related telecommunication needs. Take advantage of corporate offers and upgrade services to use on private time.
  • CORPORATE OPERATIONS - streamline the corporate account management by automating and delegating tasks thus making the whole process more transparent and distributed.

IT Architecture Impact

Celfocus Digital Employee Portal is a plugin leveraging on top of the current IT stack, and performing in a similar manner as any other customer touchpoint.

Celfocus BSS Customer Centric Architecture
Impacted Systems

Celfocus BSS Customer Centric Architecture Impacted Systems

Matching consumer and enterprise customers provides CSPs with an important competitive edge not to mention insight and a new revenue stream. Celfocus Digital Employee Portal bridges these two worlds by putting the customer at the centre of the experience, resulting in a more transparent relationship with the CSP that can now better understand usage patterns, and provide tailored offers to customers, regardless of their role.

Furthermore, when negotiating corporate contracts, with Celfocus Digital Employee Portal CSPs can deliver a much more interesting value proposition where part of the telecommunication package may be paid by end-users or conditions negotiated to cross and up-sell additional services

By empowering business representatives and dealers to provision services in a standard way, Celfocus Digital Employee Portal can bring significant cost savings to CSPs. Furthermore, the commercial cost to serve customers decreases, because the portal is utilized in a self-service manner, meaning less sales and service reps involved.

Who benefits the most from this solution?


Employees gain visibility and flexibility in managing their corporate bundle with the possibility of benefiting from a negotiated price list to subscribe new services or acquire terminals.

Service Managers

Service Managers get more control over services contracted and operation status. Additionally, the management and subscription process is automated resulting in better service and less inconsistencies.

Communication Service Providers

CSPs gain insight about corporate and consumer users. Cross and up-sell opportunities by targeting enterprise and consumer customers.

Celfocus Digital Employee Portal – Journeys

Andrea and Romeo are both employees at the same organisation but have different roles. Andrea is the service manager, in charge of managing the corporate Telco4Ever account and Romeo is a corporate end-user that just joined the company.

For these two profiles, below how Celfocus Digital Employee Portal can help Andrea set up her company on the system and how Romeo’s onboarding is done using the corporate employee app.

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About Celfocus Digital Employee Portal

Celfocus Digital Employee Portal is a full–fledged self-service portal, aimed at digitalizing and streamlining the on-boarding and management of corporate accounts and assisting employees in managing their bundles.

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