Enabling Business Agility and Tapping Into New Revenue Streams

B2B Offer

Exploring the B2B opportunity means that CSPs must evolve beyond just being connectivity providers and position themselves as the backbone of emergent digital ecosystems.

The clear distinction between the online and offline worlds has been fading away due to everything now being merged and digitalised.

Boosted by an exponential growth in IoT, and with 5G opening up new revenue streams and business models, Business-to-Business (B2B) growth can potentially outperform Business-to-Consumer (B2C) for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) in the upcoming years.

CSPs must also understand emerging market trends and enterprise customers’ needs, decide what to tackle, and finally capture the value arising from the new digital revenue streams.

Furthermore, traditional services - such as SMS and Voice - are already seen as a commodity and connectivity may be what’s left, but with enterprises continuing to move their data centres to the cloud, and with new market offerings for secure software-defined networking solutions, CSPs’ dominance is being challenged.

5G promises to unleash the full potential of IoT by setting the ground for more data-hungry, massive projects based on ultra-reliable, secure and low latency communication, along with high coverage, scalability and data speed. Mobile private networks, secure cloud-connectivity, edge computing, IoT applications, data analytics and artificial intelligence are now among the hottest technology topics that many CSP enterprise customers are looking for. Along with the digital experience disruptors, other players such as network OEM and system integrators are coming forward in this new technology landscape, challenging CSPs on B2B opportunities.

All in all, exploring the B2B opportunity means that CSPs must evolve beyond just being connectivity providers and position themselves as the backbone of emergent digital ecosystems.

Celfocus B2B Portfolio

Celfocus addresses CSPs’ business challenges with modular solutions to tackle one or more specific business needs for brown-field or green-field scenarios.

By understanding the entire customer lifecycle - from price to quote, to order, to revenue process - Celfocus supports CSPs on becoming more efficient in Sales & Delivery of bespoke offers involving multiple parties, and in improving service quality in Operation & Support of the solutions they provide their customers with.

As a system integrator, Celfocus designs and implements B2B solutions according to the CSP’s goals by combining best-of-breed market products and proprietary accelerators. Celfocus fully integrates solutions in the CSP’s existing ecosystem, ensuring close collaboration to transform and improve the B2B processes.

The approach has two key domains:




Celfocus's holistic view of the end-to-end customer lifecycle and key B2B challenges means that CSPs can count on a solution partner for each stage of the business. Furthermore, Celfocus's B2B solutions portfolio delivers the following key benefits:

  • Improved Lead-time;
  • Order delivery planning, coordination & communication optimization;
  • Missed service incidents decrease;
  • Digitalised processes & customer interaction;
  • Enhanced customer information availability to teams who need it.