I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very successful New Year.

We aren’t in the predicting business but in 2018, we, at Celfocus, anticipate that customer experience will continue to be a priority for CSPs across the globe. This focus will be leveraged and accelerated by the business digitalization both to improve customer experience as well as to bring new offerings to the market faster.

In this edition, don’t miss out on the latest news from Celfocus and learn more about how CELFOCUS Omnichannel is reinventing relationships through illustrative videos of different use cases. Celfocus’ billing offer and how it supports new business models in the telco offerings portfolio is also highlighted in this edition.

Finally, take a moment to read more about our Agile and DevOps offerings and we finish up with an opinion article by Celfocus´ People team.

Enjoy reading and hope to hear from you soon.

Celfocus CEO
What we have been up to

Celfocus proved pivotal in the project success allowing shorter developments and feedback cycles and a deeper collaboration.

Bundles are a combination of services offered by Communications Service Providers. The industry has even established popular names for such offers, 3P, and more recently 4P/5P.

Challenging the future, today

Imagine you just moved to a new apartment and want to acquire a new telecommunications plan. After looking online and comparing offers, anguish sets-in, what to buy? What plan is better for me?

It's that time of the month, you've just received your telecommunications bill. What you feel next is a whole other story.

Discovering Celfocus

A People-Centric and disciplined approach to continuously deliver value to customers in an agile way

Did you know that science has found that people with high IQ level are surpassed 70% by emotionally intelligent people?