In October, Celfocus celebrated 16 years.

16 years of tears and sweat but mostly of good memories: projects delivered, lifelong friends and a world of possibilities for the future.

To mark the date, Celfocus inaugurated the new office in Newbury according to the philosophy applied in our other locations: A CONTAINER TO GAIN PERSPECTIVE

In this edition, we invite you to learn more about Vodafone Ghana’s IT transformation project, which enabled this CSP to manage customer experiences using a single, cross-functional, and highly-integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. On the same topic, the article “The secret ingredient of a true transformation. The Role of Integration during a transformation project” provides an in-depth insight on Celfocus’ approach to these types of projects.

Enjoy reading and hope to hear from you soon.

What we have been up to

ThingWorx is the fastest growing IoT Application Enablement Platform (AEP) and a true enabler in an innovative industry. In February, Celfocus became a proud partner of ThingWorx, and later on published its first official extension published at the ThingWorx marketplace.

For Vodafone Ghana’s operators visiting a number of different interfaces and systems, in order to answer customer doubts or activate a service was a normal procedure. This time consuming task was not only diminishing customer satisfaction, it was also increasing resolution handling times. Ultimately, resulting in a significant hurdle when attempting to provide effective customer service.

Challenging the future, today

Communication Service Providers have to deal with the paradox of the world becoming more digital, connected and, at the same time, their prevalence is starting to be challenged.

At the same time a new customer mentality is emerging. A customer empowered to consume when they want, how they choose and with whom they want.

The transformation journey CSPs around the world are taking has, at its heart, the customer and how to better serve them, with the most relevant value propositions.

The desire to make a difference in the telecommunications industry is a widely known struggle. However, the ability to do so many times depends on a few secret ingredients.

Discovering Celfocus

On October 20th, Celfocus celebrated both its 16th Anniversary and the inauguration of the Newbury office. To mark these important milestones, Celfocus hosted a reception and welcomed clients to enjoy a pleasant afternoon.

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