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Spring has arrived and we want to invite you to uncover this edition. Let’s start by sharing how Celfocus helped Safaricom revamp its web selfcare and give you a sneak peak of our view on the future of TV, given the emergence of new models of content consumption.

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What we have been up to

Considering the continuous growth of online services, via smartphones and tablets, Safaricom felt the need to provide its customers with an improved digital experience, where information would be accessible anytime, anywhere and ultimately reduce the operator’s customer support load.

Challenging the future, today

Accessing websites, web apps and online services is among the most common feeling for digital users today, because it’s easy and fast. However, measuring and assuring the Quality and Satisfaction of User Experience is a little bit more complex.

Millennials’ habits are shaping the future of TV and paving the way for new content consumption habits that are progressively disrupting TV business models that have been carved in stone for years.

Discovering Celfocus

Flash interview with Ana Paiva Loureiro from People team