Welcome to another edition of Celfocus News!

In this first edition of 2019, read more about how Celfocus helped Vodafone’s Digital TV team to deliver a better customer experience leveraging the power of analytics. Additionally, understand how Celfocus Analytics solutions can support CSPs to embrace and reap the benefits offered by Big Data.

In a moment of reflections such as the end of another year, enjoy a glimpse into the future and how technology will play a pivotal role, through the eyes of one of our colleagues.

Enjoy reading and happy new year.

Celfocus CEO
What we have been up to

A platform aimed at providing advanced reporting to content providers and OpCos, flexible enough to cater to the needs of different stakeholders and implementations and across diverse geographies.

Challenging the future, today

A roadmap for CSPs that want to evolve from a more traditional BI approach to embrace and reap the benefits offered by Big Data.

The creative ability to monetize telecommunication services by operators has always been a key part of this business, set on technological evolution. With the introduction of value-added services (over the top), a product and service catalogue that is appealing and easily configurable is required.

Discovering Celfocus

Flash interview with Miguel Lombo