Unifying mobile experience

Nowadays, being connected is not just calling your family, sending a message to a friend, answering a work call or selling the bike that has been in your garage for years online. It’s having all of this together in a single place, accessible from any of your devices. Designed for both enterprises and consumers, My Numbers is a Unified Communications solution that allows the use of several numbers in mobile devices for different purposes without the need for multiple SIM cards.

With the wide variety of over the top (OTT) applications, it is essential that Communications Service Providers (CSPs) present innovative services to find new revenue streams. Users are increasingly independent and expect to be able to self-configure and manage their services with reduced or inexistent interactions with the CSPs. Thus, requiring seamless interfaces that give them the friendliest user experience possible.

Any number, any device, anywhere

My Numbers is a carrier-based solution that supports multiple numbers in one device, same number in multiple devices, user calls, self-service subscription and configuration, messages, contacts and voicemails. It consists in a set of virtual numbers without the need for multiple SIM cards, enabling the use of different numbers for different purposes, in a single account and available across devices. From an enterprise’s point of view, this solution enables the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) functionality, promoting a fully digital experience.

Both companies and individuals can benefit from Celfocus My Numbers by:

  • Easily adding new numbers to user’s account, using them for specific purposes without the need to provide a personal number;
  • Controlling when and how people reach them, by selecting which numbers are active on their mobile at any time;
  • Choosing which number to use in each call. Instead of using the default number, users can choose the number that better fits the situation at hand;
  • Managing the number pool via self-service portal or Mobile App;
  • Accessing everything – from call history, to SMS, instant messages and voicemails – as it is all synced and available on any device.

Romeo was able to do all this by himself, using his smartphone and without the need for other phones or SIM cards.

Andrea leads a highly rotating team and using Celfocus My Numbers has not only cut down costs but also assured that contacts and interactions history between customers and sales reps stays within HealthPlus.