(Re)programming the future

IT companies today require talent that is insufficient for the high demand of this fast-paced and innovative industry. Looking beyond the obvious and in between the lines is the nature of digital transformation projects, which combine technology, design and business skills. A reality that has made teams more diversified, thus promoting a blend of knowledge in engineering, management and other more scientific areas. In reality, permitting new recruitment sources to enter the market, but which too have proven insufficient.

This scarcity has given rise to ideas such as Academia de Código, with whom Celfocus has collaborated through a partnership with NEOTALENT (Novabase Group) in converting diverse professional profiles into programmers and later integrating them in technological companies. Through an intensive 14-week long training program in coding available to everyone, regardless of the academic or professional background, Academia de Código plans to requalify and allocate ten thousand people in the job market until 2020.

Celfocus recently welcomed 30 professionals immersed in JAVA programming via Academia de Código, both in Lisbon and in Oporto, who have demonstrated technical skills and competences aligned with business requirements. Among them, Ricardo Pestana, former supermarket employee; Sérgio Pinheiro, who has a master’s degree in Geology; and Micael Cruz, former journalist and TV producer.

“As soon as I joined Celfocus I was welcomed by a team that completely stopped their tasks to help me set up the development environment or to give me context of the project. Everyone treated me as an equal (even though I was just a trainee with no experience in the area) from the first moment. Now I’m already in my second project and couldn’t be better. Every day I learn something new and I know that my ideas are considered for the final product, and it’s good to know that, one day later, when I look at the project from the outside, I will see my code working and being used by millions of people.”, Ricardo Pestana, FullStack Developer

“My professional trail is everything but “typical”. It started with my decision to pursue the area of geology, having taken a master's degree. After an unsuccessful search for work, I left my country to seek for employment in other areas. Later, thinking about the future, I decided to take a chance on a career in technology, which led me to undertake Academia de Código’s intensive programming bootcamp and then to join Celfocus. Today, and working at the company only since January, I’ve already had the opportunity to participate in so different and enriching projects (UK and Kenya) that honestly make me think that there isn’t a place where I would like more to be.”, Sérgio Pinheiro, Online Developer

"Having a background in another area of expertise, I’m very pleased that my career in programming and consulting started at Celfocus. At Celfocus I found great people to work with, huge challenges and fantastic growth opportunities. The culture and the area of activity of the company satisfy me and I sincerely see myself growing in it in the years to come.", Micael Cruz, Software Developer

Beyond adding skilled profiles to its teams, Celfocus is enriching them with inspiring life stories and providing multiple-background people with a new professional opportunity inside technology, promoting diversity and knowledge exchange. At this point, a milestone in both social and economic terms is being achieved.

In 2019, Celfocus intends to renew this partnership and continue welcoming professionals that have undergone the intensive programming course with Academia de Código.