Welcome to another edition of Celfocus News!

This last edition in 2018 focuses on Agile and how this delivery methodology was used to successfully help Vodafone to revamp its Enterprise Portal. Read the case study and learn more how Celfocus supported Vodafone in this project. Moreover, we’re pleased to unveil an Unified Communications solution developed by Celfocus that promises to reshape the mobile experience. Finally, we share a recruitment partnership aimed at empowering people to gain new IT skills and capabilities, which has proved to be impacting more than the company’s workforce.

Enjoy reading and happy holiday season.

Celfocus CEO
What we have been up to

Vodafone’s Enterprise portal is a new platform aiming to engage with enterprise customers and content providers by facilitating end-to-end management of the content cycle. It incorporates the latest improvements in digital marketing and serves as a showcase for the different Enterprise offers as well as providing a powerful leads generation tool.

Nowadays, being connected is not just calling your family, sending a message to a friend, answering a work call or selling the bike that has been in your garage for years online. It’s having all of this together in a single place, accessible from any of your devices. Designed for both enterprises and consumers, My Numbers is a Unified Communications solution that allows the use of several numbers in mobile devices for different purposes without the need for multiple SIM cards.

Challenging the future, today

In the past year, Celfocus has witnessed a change in delivery methodologies as more and more clients demand Agile. Vodafone Group, in particular, set a goal of having 65% of the projects delivered following this methodology by 2020.

Discovering Celfocus

IT companies today require talent that is insufficient for the high demand of this fast-paced and innovative industry. Looking beyond the obvious and in between the lines is the nature of digital transformation projects, which combine technology, design and business skills. A reality that has made teams more diversified, thus promoting a blend of knowledge in engineering, management and other more scientific areas. In reality, permitting new recruitment sources to enter the market, but which too have proven insufficient.