Welcome to another edition of Celfocus News!

This rentrée issue focuses on Digital and its impact on telco business. It portrays how Celfocus supported Vodafone’s unassisted customer channels digitalization and how it will benefit the customer experience. Moreover, we’re delighted to share Celfocus’ extended engagement with Vodafone Group IoT, covering the consumer segment.

Celfocus CEO
What we have been up to

Both companies and individuals may benefit from connectivity. On our daily routines, we face challenges that can be addressed by IoT and be integrated in a whole network. Vodafone’s latest investment in C-IoT includes Celfocus as a trusted partner.

An omnichannel experience is mandatory nowadays to develop a sustainable interaction with customers. As a first stage of its new Digital Transformation Hub, Vodafone Portugal relied on Celfocus to digitalize unassisted touchpoints, focusing on the user experience.

Challenging the future, today

A digital transformation is revolutionizing the telecommunications sector and the digital economy. In order to keep their relevant role, CSPs need to be prepared to fulfill sales and services orders with ease and fun.

Digital has contributed to a rising number of channels through which customers get in touch with the operator. An integrated, functional, cross-channel experience is achievable with the right platform.

Discovering Celfocus

Celfocus’ Environment Management Team is responsible for providing robust, effective and consistent platforms and infrastructures that meet customer’s daily business challenges.

Flash Interview with Francisco Pena Monteiro, Celfocus Contract Management Office