Digital Ready means all systems work together

Domains of Expertise

Celfocus’ offers are the result of a deep telecommunication business knowledge that has supported CSPs across the globe.

Celfocus helps solve CSPs’ most demanding business challenges, using proprietary engineering solutions or third-party technology.

With an unmatched industry track record of delivering successful projects, Celfocus' success is grounded on its technological competency, innovation and a highly trained and specialised team of telecommunication experts.

Our solutions have a broad coverage (BSS, OSS, IoT, Unified Comms, Digital TV) and have proven to achieve all mission critical requirements such as reliability, flexibility and scalability.


Crossing the Digital chasm

CSPs wanting to profit from the potential presented in the digital economy must go back to the drawing board and redesign the operation around the customer, by revisiting and rethinking the BSS architecture.

Celfocus has worked with CSPs across the globe, from Tier 1 to smaller operators, with different levels of maturity, and developed a deep understanding of the transformation roadmap and critical success factors. Celfocus’ Customer Centric BSS Architecture is built around the customer and it starts with the omnichannel layer, up to the CRM and billing components, covering all the main BSS building blocks.

Overall asset based on componentization

  • Components/assets can evolve or be replaced
  • Allows flexible transformation (mix and match)
  • Significantly lowers risk and complexity
  • Address evolving business challenges
  • Develop own tech/products/components

Our solutions


  • Direct sales and customer care (Call centres/ Retail stores)
  • Dealer sales and customer care
  • Mobile solution
  • Online sales (e-shop)
  • Customer self-care
  • Cross-channel management


  • Convergent billing
  • Payments & collections
  • Unified bill formatting
  • Voucher management
  • Mediation
  • Interconnect billing


  • Customer contact management
  • Customer service management
  • Customer order capture & validation
  • Product information management
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales force automation

Business Analytics

  • Telco data models and advanced analytics
  • Customer analysis and insights
  • Geo analysis and insights
  • Big data and analytics solutions
  • Profitability and cost management
  • Incentive management


  • Service order management
  • API exposure
  • Enterprise service bus

Digital TV

Creating the TV Experience of the Future

Over the last years, the way customers experience TV has changed significantly. It’s richer, more open and complex, spread over multiple devices. CSPs must not only consider the technology stack to deliver the best experience but also how to get the most engaging content and most importantly, the user experience.

The TV experience of the future is all about what you can watch, when you can watch it, and where you can watch it. Celfocus has the experience and competency to help support your strategy by providing a comprehensive and holistic offer, focusing on delivering an unmatched user experience, supported by the most innovative technologies to facilitate and manage content and partners.


  • TV Journeys collaborative design Framework
  • Next generation and legacy STB /device integration and versioning
  • Services exposure through TV API gateway
  • Automatic editorial content
  • EPG (TV Guide) and VOD metadata validation and transformation engines
  • Quality assurance and validation services of content processing and EPG metadata
  • TV contents blackouts
  • Enhance content discovery


  • Next generation TV UI
  • Self-care TV
  • TV API virtualisation layer
  • TV CMS (VOD, LiveTV and Catch-up)
  • VOD as a service
  • TV backend services
  • Recommendations Engine


Network Centred, Partner Enabled and Customer Oriented

There is mounting pressure for Operational Support Systems to keep up with the introduction of digital services and support convergent services.

The alignment of both the BSS and OSS IT stack is critical to support the business strategy. At the same time, CSPs are discovering the real value of OSS data, when linked with customer data, and the insights it provides to the entire organisation, from customer service to sales and marketing.

Celfocus' OSS offer builds up capabilities in a domain that is becoming software based. It aims at simplifying network management but, at the same time, facilitates the engagement and interaction process with partners and ensures a positive customer experience.


  • Pre-built network topologies and resources data model
  • GIS and network inventory sync adapter and traceable integration process
  • Check eligibility status framework designed for easy and fast querying
  • Zero-coding orchestration scenarios and configurable integration model
  • E2E OSS journeys including network monitoring, capacity, fault, incident and performance management
  • Unified OSS portal
  • Pre-built information models and dashboards prepared for mobile, fixed and convergent business


  • Network inventory and service eligibility
  • GIS integration
  • Service and resource order management
  • Network monitoring and fault management
  • Network analytics and performance management
  • Field service support
  • NOC integration
  • Wholesale/B2B API exposure


Everything is Connected. Always

IoT represents an important new growth vector for CSPs that are able to grasp the potential benefits of its value chain.

Most CSPs with an IoT offer, are currently facing scalability, customer interaction and even revenue leakage issues. The typical approach of having a portfolio with multiple vertical solutions and managing them independently of the traditional BSS/OSS has proven to be faulty.

Celfocus’ IoT offer helps operators expand their IoT offer by providing solutions to orchestrate and aggregate services, enabling operators to expose and monetise core telco capabilities as a service (e.g. CRM, Billing, Order Management, Channels).


  • Order management and provisioning engine supporting eSIM, multi-IMSI scenarios, new machine states and sync/async fulfilment
  • Integration framework and exposed API for data collection and order orchestration
  • Billing data model including shared packets, discount tiers, event-based add-ons and variable billable units
  • Billing as a service supporting multiple tenants, formats, currencies and bill cycles
  • Incentive management process adapted to multi-partner revenue share model
  • Portal framework and user experience, encompassing self-care, self-buy and operations support for customers and partners
  • Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards


  • IoT billing
  • IoT incentive management
  • IoT order management
  • OTA provisioning
  • API exposure
  • IoT platform (ThingWorx)
  • B2B/B2C portals
  • IoT reporting and analytics

Unified Communications

Helping to set you apart

In the rapidly-evolving telecommunications sector, organisations need to push the boundaries to differentiate themselves and offer superior customer service.

On the other hand there is mounting pressure to keep communications costs down and ensure full fixed-mobile convergence for a workforce always on the move and searching for the technology that gives a new strength to the way they communicates with colleagues and customers – working better, from any device, anywhere.

Celfocus provides the communication and collaboration solutions that service providers need to put their unified communications strategy into practice.


  • Delivering fully scalable and innovative voice solutions that integrate landlines, mobiles and software-based phones together, providing its users a truly seamless experience across all their devices.
  • Providing all the common PABX-like features over the mobile and fixed network.
  • Providing a reliable, proven and flexible SIP Trunking solution that adds value to customers’ communications and is a cost-effective way to connect their on-premise PABX to the public telephone network.
  • Featuring a flexible voice solution, ideal for enhancing communications of fixed line subscribers from the residential market while coupling internet, mobile and fixed line services together.
  • Providing a wide variety of advanced call control functions over the IMS network to facilitate VoLTE migration so that users continue to have the same service without any disruption when they connect their devices in 2G, 3G or 4G.
  • Delivering powerful back-office and self-care web portals.
  • Reducing integration dependencies to allow faster launch programs.

Solution – UC

  • One Net
    — Fixed mobile convergence
    — Fixed mobile substitution
    — Virtual private network
  • SIP trunking
  • Residential Voice
  • Generic call control