The best of both worlds
Ana Paiva Loureiro
March 27, 20192 min read

The best of both worlds

Flash interview with Ana Paiva Loureiro.

c – Competition between colleagues is healthy? Why?

apl– In my opinion, more than competition, what makes us truly strong is collaboration. Working towards a common goal, valuing different perspectives and points of view and promoting diversity will certainly result in more creative, robust and inclusive solutions. However, in moderation, competition can be a strong impulse for action. Therefore, the secret, from my point of view, is in finding balance between collaboration and competition.

c – What kind of business culture do you admire and think is worth learning from?

apl– I believe a collaborative and innovative culture, set on individual freedom and responsibility, is very important. As we are still in a celebratory spirit for Celfocus’ recent entry into “adulthood”, we must be more and more proud of our path, value and celebrate our accomplishments. Besides, we shall face mistakes as an opportunity to learn and use constructive feedback as our main development tool.

c – What is your best definition of positive jealousy?

apl– Positive jealousy is a feeling of happiness for others’ accomplishment. It isn’t just wanting what others have, but rather seeing these examples as a positive reference to conquering the same in our career or personal life. In my opinion, positive jealousy can motivate people to conquer their objectives. Positive jealousy says, “I want that for me!”. I’d even dare to say it can be a source of inspiration. By watching others’ victories and achievements, they can serve as motivation to recognize our own ability to turn objectives into reality.

c – As a company, how can we benefit from our people’s hobbies?

apl – Valuing our people’s hobbies is fundamental to promote creativity and divergent thinking. In this unpredictable and volatile context, flexibility and the ability to adapt are fundamental and the more “life” and experiences we collect, outside our professional context, the better our tools will be to answer the issues and challenges of our day-by-day. And, of course, the company only gains with people willing to go out of the status quo. For example, someone who volunteers frequently is perhaps someone more tolerant, with a sense of work and priorities. This is just an example of the values/skills that hobbies promote and that can make all the difference in a company.

c – What do you do on a daily-basis that most depends on other people? Why?

apl – I don’t depend on other people, rather I work for other people. Nothing I do can be well-succeeded if I don’t impact people in a positive way. People are the source of our work, it is from their ideas and feedback that we continuously work in the improvement of people management practices.

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