How can CSPs reap the B2B opportunity?

With very few exceptions, there isn’t a sustainable and thriving business sector which hasn’t, in some way, ...

September 4, 20195 min read

Hakuna Matata and energizing the Perfect Team

Team motivation tips by Ricardo Borges Pereira.

August 22, 20194 min read

Creating, Capturing and Delivering value in the Telecommunications industry

In the last decades, the Telecom industry has experienced an extraordinary growth, fueled by several...

July 31, 20195 min read

Intrusion and Data Exfiltration

Answers to the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of cyber attacks.

July 31, 20199 min read

Blockchain: It’s all a matter of rewards

Lately, it seems like blockchain is everywhere. The hype swings a lot like the value of crypto coins, but only...

June 6, 20199 min read