Low-Code: increased demand for software delivery & acceleration

Technology has come a long way and lessons were learned, failures dissected, and frameworks redefined. The...

August 26, 20222 min read

Learning organisation versus a “copy paste” organisation

Celfocus Agility Flow is a system of understanding and learning, aimed at providing guidance to increase...

August 25, 20202 min read

Building a learning organisation

November was marked by Celfocus’ Agility Day, an all-day event dedicated to Agile & DevOps.

November 27, 20191 min read

Being a game changer in the Telco industry

On September 29th, Celfocus was distinguished for its consistent Agile transformation at the World Agility...

October 1, 20191 min read

Running ahead to Agile

Lately, Celfocus has witnessed a change in delivery methodologies as more and more clients demand Agile.

August 12, 20193 min read