SIRO’s E2E automation: becoming an Agile Wholesale Provider
September 6, 20211 min read

SIRO’s E2E automation: becoming an Agile Wholesale Provider

Celfocus takes part of the Irish wholesale broadband provider’s cloud and digital transformation journey.

The adoption of emerging technologies to remain competitive in an increasingly crowded digital space has driven organisations to pay higher attention to agility and quality to facilitate decision-making, innovate, accelerate the time-to-market and be responsive to customer needs.

Focused on understanding customers and predicting behavioural patterns, SIRO challenged Celfocus to deliver a new breed of data integration, data analysis and reporting capabilities to the company’s analytical landscape.

Aimed at improving decision-making, automating report production and speeding up data analytics activities, Celfocus proposed a SaaS solution, using analytics and database services to deliver a modern, cloud-based data and reporting platform.

Implemented end-to-end by Celfocus, the solution provides SIRO with a leaner, easier to operate and maintain, analytical system. This system covers the company’s needs in terms of decision support systems, such as integrating sources, establishing connectivity between in-house BSS and SaaS, processing and transforming data and implementing reporting solutions based on Power BI.

“The Celfocus project automated critical part of operations, built a data warehouse to bring as many integrations into it as it could. The output of that was more automated and more real-time access to data.” states Lydia Martin, Head of IT and Business Transformation at SIRO.

“We always received a good response from the Celfocus team. We’re very happy with the service that we receive; it’s very responsive and always collaborative. Celfocus is a very customer-focused organisation”, Lydia added.

SIRO is also equipped with new reporting capabilities, as the company can tap into the wealth of information available on their BSS systems to gather relevant and timely information on wholesale, workforce, geographical information, commercial targets and orders.

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