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How CELFOCUS Omnichannel is reinventing relationships

Customers shouldn’t be defined by their ID or number, but as an individual person. Learn more how CELFOCUS...

April 3, 20193 min read

How to measure user experience quality

Accessing websites, web apps and online services is among the most common feeling for digital users today,...

March 27, 20194 min read

The future of TV

Millennials’ habits are shaping the future of TV and paving the way for new content consumption habits that...

March 27, 20197 min read

Unleashing the power of business

A roadmap for CSPs that want to evolve from a more traditional BI approach to embrace and reap the benefits...

January 30, 20194 min read

Tuning with digital business monetisation

The creative ability to monetise telecommunication services by operators has always been a key part of this...

January 30, 20192 min read