Digital Enablement

A digital transformation is revolutionizing the Telecommunications sector and overall the digital economy.

October 17, 20194 min read

The curious case of automation button

A youth breath for mature telco players to remain relevant and competitive, rethinking network management by...

September 25, 20192 min read

From the ‘what’ to the ‘how’ – an extra automated quality for project delivery

A view on the future of Quality Assurance.

September 25, 20192 min read

How can CSPs reap the B2B opportunity?

With very few exceptions, there isn’t a sustainable and thriving business sector which hasn’t, in some way, ...

September 4, 20195 min read

Running ahead to Agile

Lately, Celfocus has witnessed a change in delivery methodologies as more and more clients demand Agile.

August 12, 20193 min read