Going vertical on B2B?
November 24, 20211 min read

Going vertical on B2B?

Celfocus is featured in TM Forum’s latest research report about the Enterprise segment.

The horizontal growth of CSPs’ B2B portfolios is the subject of much debate, as the drive for renewed revenue streams continues. As CSPs build new operational and business frameworks to address opportunities around IoT, cloud services and security, the logical approach is to construct highly versatile and flexible platforms capable of supporting myriad new business use cases and then build industry vertical specialisms on top.

The big questions for the longer term are: Which verticals are set to provide the greatest opportunity for CSPs, and how do they go about being highly competitive players in those complex new value chains?

The report was published in this week on Inform, TM Forum’s content hub, and showcases emerging focus points for B2B operators, a vertical-by-vertical analysis, as well as some strategies for enterprise vertical revenues. In the end, Celfocus explores what is takes to enable scalable vertical solutions and to build up innovative solutions and business models.

Learn more about Celfocus B2B Offer here.