Embracing automation in Quality Assurance
Automation in quality assurance
November 27, 20192 min read

Embracing automation in Quality Assurance

Vodafone Business Online Portal revamp use case.

In 2017, Celfocus was awarded by Vodafone Business with a project to revamp its Enterprise Online Portal. Aiming to increase lead capture, customer engagement, and at getting a more insightful vision of customers’ behaviour, the portal made use of the most advanced digital marketing best practices to support and provide a customer excellency experience.

Celfocus partnered with several valued stakeholders, including Vodafone Group Enterprise IT, Group Marketing, UK Digital and other strategic partners to build a fully automated Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution. The revamp was delivered using Agile & DevOps methodologies, with incremental deliveries and in constant development cycles.

The portal infrastructure was fully migrated to the Cloud, providing an increased flexibility that allows managing the use of more or less resources on demand. Cloud’s provisioning process is fully automated, making it easier to respond to bigger influxes of customers and to onboard new partners in less than a day using a common website baseline.

Committed to faster and more consistent testing processes, Celfocus was able to improve the quality of the product delivered in each deployed package. To do so, Celfocus is using its Automated Testing Framework (ATF), currently in place on numerous projects.

The following chart describes the scenario after automation so far:

Figure 1 – Testing Automation achievements

“These milestones arise from hard work and dedication from the team, who looked for meaningful results in a few months. We are extremely motivated to proceed with the goal of bringing Vodafone Business Portal up to higher levels of test automation.”, states Sara Santos Gil (Celfocus Scrum Master).

“These numbers are incredibly impressive and deliver real business value. The implementation of an automated testing framework increases efficiencies and also helps to greatly reduce the risk of human error. The success of this project reflects the hard work, persistence and collaborative approach from the Celfocus team.”, states James Cochrane (Vodafone Business Online Production Manager).

To take test automation to the next level, the team has settled further goals for the near future, namely:

  • Review and update Design Verification Testing test cases;
  • Run all automation testing process in the Vodafone environment machines;
  • Reduce even more the execution duration, implementing parallel test execution.