Discovering what it means to be Celfocus
June 11, 20211 min read

Discovering what it means to be Celfocus

A three-day digital event, taking place on June 21st, 23rd and 25th.

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Celfocus Days is a three-day digital event, taking place on June 21st, 23rd  and 25th,  which will give you full access to what it means to be Celfocus. By choosing to attend this event you will meet the Cognitive Explorers, Digital CreatorsTeam Builders within us.

Be Celfocus for a day and dive into our world:

Day 1 – June 21st

Our cognitive explorers are fostering data-driven innovation for the digital era. From the centre of this paradigm, we’re leading customer expectations in a knowledge-based digital society.

Our speakers Bruno Silva Santos, Executive, will dive into the Vodafone Global NOC case study and Carla Penedo, Cognitive Automation Senior Expert, will discuss how AI and automation can work together for the greater good.

Day 2 – June 23rd

Our digital creators are transforming businesses with customer experience in mind. By pinpointing and overcoming the technological and organisational challenges to reach meaningful digital customer experiences.

Our speakers Alfredo Lopes, Senior Digital Expert, will redefine digital in this era and Dulari Tulcidas, Digital Expert, will walk us through a fully digital customer experience.

Day 3 – June 25th

Our teams have a combination of deep business and technical knowledge, a focused group of experts and the ability to leverage past experiences is key to achieving success in project delivery like Celfocus has.

Our speaker, Pedro Nogueira, Agile Lead, will walk us through the power of multidisciplinary teams and bring team testimonials to unveil their potential in ongoing projects.

Be Celfocus for a day!

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