Celfocus acquisition fuels Novabase’s NextGen strategy
Celfocus aquisition
May 18, 20201 min read

Celfocus acquisition fuels Novabase’s NextGen strategy

Novabase, previously the owner of 55% equity stake in Celfocus, has completed the acquisition of the remaining 45% equity stake in Celfocus from Vodafone Portugal.

The acquisition of the Vodafone’s stake in Celfocus is an important step to accomplish Novabase’s NextGen strategy, where Celfocus will be its main growth driver. The NextGen strategy consists of positioning the new organization as a Global IT Services company with a focus in the Digital, Cognitive and Automation space – delivering complex and innovative digital transformation projects using Agile and DevOps methodologies.

As the 20-year relationship with the Vodafone group is based on a common success history – this deal will bring the same, if not bigger, focus on Vodafone, as it will continue to be the most strategic client for years to come.

Acting as an innovation partner, Celfocus will continue to privilege long-lasting client’s relationships, with focus on critical strategic projects and initiatives – most of them through an innovative nearshore delivery approach.

For additional information about the acquisition please contact info@celfocus.com.

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