Back to basics
Diogo Assunção
May 29, 20193 min read

Back to basics

Flash interview with Diogo Câmara Assunção.

c  Which modern technology do you think is most inspired in Nature? Why?

dca – Nature really inspires me… its diversity for example. I’m captivated by flowers as they are so different from one another, in their form, colour and smell. Nature’s greatness also inspires me in its landscapes, ocean and waves. To think of a technology inspired in Nature in the sense of imitation takes me into the artificial intelligence or machine learning field. Using technology to recreate an activity such as logic or deduction is extraordinary. It’s an area in which I have great interest and admiration for those investigating and developing it.

c – Admitting that the weather is a way to foresee something that we can’t control, how does that relate to your job?

dca – I am currently responsible for the Agile delivery of Digital solutions for Vodafone Germany. My focus is on managing the various dimensions that delivery implies: e.g. managing the client’s business context, the people involved, the risks that can impact our deliveries, the plans we are trying to meet etc. For many of these we have limited degrees of control.

The parallelism between the weather and my job can be established on the following analogy:

An agile team can be compared to a boat crew whose mission (its product) is to cross the Atlantic. Well, for that to be possible, we must place people on-board that have skills in different areas such as navigation, sailing, communication, mechanics, safety and cooking… Throughout their journey, the team is autonomous in what concerns the decisions they must make to sail across the ocean (or deliver their “product”). However, they might need my support to get an updated understanding of the ever-changing weather conditions so that they can decide and act effectively – this is more or less what I’m doing managing the Agile deliveries.

c – If you had the power to create something for nature and give it a name, what would it be?

dca – I would like to create a new type of tree whose fruit is sweet and juicy and that, instead of vitamins, it provides us with good sense. Something like quercus bonus-senso. The tree would be big and strong with lots of leaves, perfect to plant on the side of the road and in gardens because of its shade. The fruit, difficult to describe but very tasty, would be recommended to increase immunity to those who display aggressive, stubborn or ignorant attitudes. If consumed excessively, it could have a collateral effect which would imprint a desire of rushing to the streets to transform the world into a better place, cleaner and fairer for all of Humanity.

c – What human invention fascinates you most when compared to what you most admire in nature?

dca – There are a lot of things invented by humans that fascinate me. But I would highlight art in the first place, specially art representing realistically or abstractly nature or some aspect of human reality through painting, sculpture or photography.  

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