Accelerating software testing automation
May 10, 20212 min read

Accelerating software testing automation

Celfocus TaaS: a subscription-based managed service for end-to-end testing using automation that combines methodology, tools and experience.

Digital is becoming uniquituous in our everyday lives. Besides, as we move towards a knowledge-based society, quality software must drive progress and continuous growth. The interconnection between systems, paired with complex challenges, requires a holistic and reliable Quality Assurance practice to test solutions in an integrated perspective.

Additionally, there’s significant pressure to have shorter delivery cycles, leading to more interactions with richer features set in less time with high-quality standards. Although it seems there’s an attempt to square the circle, this is the reality many organisations face today.

When customers interact with a front-end application, they expect the service to fulfil their requirements and work properly. There’s an expectation of high-quality and the company must ensure that the experience meets that same expectation. This is key to long-lasting business relations with those customers.

This reality strikes a chord with many organisations, especially at the Quality Assurance level. Although every application is tested on its own, there has to be a holistic testing approach that looks at the customer experience and accommodates the different components’ diverse nature.

Although there’s individual accountability concerning each project, it’s standard practice that components are provided by different suppliers. Even the teams deploying them can be different, resulting in a complex and unaligned ecosystem. In this scenario, testing must be carried out for each component and include the overall end-to-end experience, from selecting a product, comparing and checking availability, to logistics and payment.

Additionally, it’s pivotal to extend testing to include multiple browsers, devices, versions and other mediums in which the experience is offered. The different possible combinations make the manual testing process time-consuming, repetitive, expensive and prone to human error.

This is where test automation comes into play to deal with the underlying complexity, shorten the delivery cycles, cover the end-to-end process and be more cost-efficient and effective.

While the adoption of Agile and DevOps practices increases, automation in software testing is key to improving solutions’ time-to-market advantage, drive increased efficiency, and support customer needs and market dynamics. However, companies sometimes lack the time and resources to embark on the automated testing journey, build a robust and effective infrastructure and reap the benefits it delivers.

This White Paper aims to share Celfocus’s vision for testing, focusing on the Celfocus Testing as a Service offer. This encompasses the combination of team expertise and experience, cutting-edge methodology and a proprietary framework for test automation.

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