A Dutch point of view
September 25, 20192 min read

A Dutch point of view

Flash interview with Bjorn Rohs.

Having joined Celfocus earlier this year to found and lead the new Enterprise business unit, Bjorn Rohs reveals a little about himself in professional terms.

c – Which characteristic is most similar between the Portuguese and the Dutch? And the most different?

br  There are actually quite some similarities between the Portuguese and the Dutch, at least the area in The Netherlands where I come from (the South). We like to enjoy life with our family and friends, having long and late (for Dutch standards) dinners, just like the Portuguese in my experience. The difference is that Dutch people tend to be straight forward and to the point (some might say blunt) and the Portuguese, at least most of the Portuguese people I know, are the complete opposite of that.

c – If something goes wrong with technology, what is your first instinct?

br  This depends on the technology really. If it is IT-related, my first instinct is to understand what is wrong and fix it. If it is non-IT technology, I still like to understand what is wrong, but fixing it is not my skill normally.

c – If you had to explain your best talent through an object, what would it be?

br  I like to think I have a talent for motivating people, so how do I explain that through an object? What motivates me to do more is my activity tracker even on days I don’t feel like doing a lot of exercises my activity tracker encourages me to do a bit extra.

c – Who do you admire in the world of Technology? Why him or her?

br  It’s not really specific to technology, but a person I admire is Simon Sinek. He is well known for his TED talks and his unique way of explaining things everybody encounters on a daily basis. Listening to his explanation often helps me understand why things are the way they are. This helps when working with people from different backgrounds.

c – Tell us about your mission at Celfocus.

br  My mission at Celfocus is to help the Enterprise business grow by investing on the current team allowing them to also evolve professionally and by providing opportunities to other people inside and outside of Celfocus to join this journey.

Learn more about Enterprise business unit launch here.

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