Social engineering and the importance of cybersecurity

To improve the future, we must look at the past and understand what went well and what didn’t. In the cybersecurity domain, this is no different.


Total Telecom Congress 2022 – A recap of Celfocus’s experience

Total Telecom Congress brought together the telecom ecosystem for two days of essential learning and networking. As a Silver Sponsor, Celfocus was present to discuss the latest technology trends and share our know-how.

Being Celfocus

Why do we celebrate Data Protection Day?

Know more about the importance of this date, globally celebrated since 2006.


Driving Business Value by Building a Cloud Data Ecosystem

The new Hiscox Europe data ecosystem, delivered with Celfocus, is a multitenant, fully cloud-based solution. It is ready for multiple local branch onboarding, supports different timelines and...

Connecting the future with blockchain   

5 min read

Celebrate the Holiday Season

1 min read

Celfocus Facts

Celfocus targets the EMEA market and beyond.

Relying on around 1700+ multidisciplinary people throughout Lisbon, Oporto, Newbury, Dubai and Eindhoven, Celfocus serves 25+ clients in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

About Beacon

Take a seat and be welcome to Beacon, a Celfocus’s blog.

We wanted to create a space of sharing that represented the constant pursuit of new ideas and insights about the present and the future of technology.

To keep you on the loop of what’s going on, we’ll share Celfocus's latest achievements, alongside with the “behind the scenes” of our teams, to show you what it takes to deliver innovating and value-added solutions our customers came to expect from us.

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